Finally The Crazies (that whole Reagan entourage that was reanimated) are going to get turned out of the White House. I can't wait to see the look on Dubya's face in January. If you're going to miss the bushisms, download the iBush, "The Artificial Oval Office Occupant Simulator". (Mac OS X only). It makes political statements much like a certain Mr. G. W. Bush might do. Passes the Turing test every single time you click the button. Actual quotes make up over 90 percent of the statements generated by the application, the other 10 percent being filler material.
Mr Obama is going to have a lot of hard work to do in the New World. Let's hope it is not just all talk but he surrounds himself with some good advisors. It'll be a rough four years. But I'm glad so many people went out to vote.
There is one thing that gets up my nose every time I hear it. They always blurt out 'God bless America'. I don't get it. Not fair on all the atheists and people who dig Vishnu. And they keep saying it in the imperative. No wonder the country has been going downhill. The mythical creature they seem to be referring to obviously hasn't been blessing it.
Maybe the slaughter of a few innocents on the altar of democracy might help?

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