Science is everywhere!

As mentioned before, I'm not one to pooh-pooh freebies. So here to share with you all:
Interested in science? Even only slightly? Wanna know what the Belgian government is spending our pennies on?
Sign up for a free subscription today. Go to the science connection website and start clicking. Past issues available for download too.

From the Science Connection website:
The Belgian Science Policy has launched a new magazine "Science Connection". This free publication (five times a year) is designed to provide an in-depth review of the office's various components. Those who are keen on space, the arts or scientific trends will definitely be astonished at the items on offer in this publication issued by the "Ministry of Knowledge".

Ministry of Knowledge. Miniknow? Good thing they added those brackets themselves...

So this gets a big thumbs up and Mrs B's prestigious and much sought after Official Seal of Approval.
Remember, only if you see this Seal you know it has been verified and scrutinized for the sake of it's trustworthiness and guaranteed hours of pure, unadulterated fun by me personally.

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