My exam went very well today. I got a question on Georgia O'Keefe and feminism would you believe it.
My professor told me the paper I had written on some art works in Insel Hombroich was very good.
"Everyone thought so" Don't know who she was referring to unless she was talking in the first person plural. Then she told me she'd graded me with a double plus.
Fine. That made my day. Over the moon.
But I'm not too sure what it really means. Doubleplus. Is it some kind of Newspeak?
I'm not entirely up to speed on this university grading thing.
But I gather it was pretty high because she told me they had only awarded four of those grades.
And that leads me to conclude two things:
1) The rest of my fellow students are utter morons
2) This university thing is a doddle

Just one more exam to get out of the way on Thursday. And then it's ..... another semester!

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shrink said...

hi there mrsb, long time no see. jij moet wel een erg interessante studie doen. en blijkbaar ben je ++ goed bezig :). grtz