Househunting (part 2)

We visited the house for a second viewing today.
With some people who know a thing or two about building (Dr Livingstone's squash partner and a collegue of mine from the mill).
It doesn't have any construction faults as far as they could see (we'd even brought a ladder to mount the roof).
The only things we'd need to do as soon as our finances will let us is isolate the roof and walls. The electricity, heating and plumbing all seem in order. They didn't want to blow the trumpet too loud, but all their arguments boiled down to saying we should put in an offer and not be to slow about it either.
So we could move in right away when it is vacated (three to six months). Which would be swell. And be around february. (Just after we've been on vacation and I've finished my first semester exams).
We just need to adjust the cooking area. It's a bit on the low side. It has to go, but funds are lacking for the mo. I'll have to play the lottery now and then. I still foster the idle hope I will one day, eventually, win it.
The ugly bathroom (with brown eighties tiling and matching dreary coloured sink) has to go at some point, but we'll have to put up with it for the time being. I'll slap on a few coats of paint.
Once I've got my degree and start earning loads of money through organized crime (or line my pockets with state money), we'll fit one of those Italian design things in. (That's a joke by the way, for you touchy-feely people).
We can even rent out two of the stables to generate some extra dosh. I'm willing to muck out the boxes if I can live there and grow to a ripe old age with Dr Livingstone. Even though I am afraid of horses (they're so big!).

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