Househunting (part 4)

We didn't hear a word from the estate agent on Friday. Nor on Monday morning, so Dr Livingstone had to ring him up.
He gave us some cock and bull story about him being embarrassed to relay the bid to the sellers because it was an extremely low bid. Then he tried some strange story about they'd already got an offer from someone when the old price was still up. And that offer is supposedly 35K more than what we're bidding.

He's not a very convincing liar. He'd told us there was zero interest in the house when it was up for sale in July (with the old price) It is now being sold for 50K less than what it was costing in July. And now we're offering 45K less then the new asking price.

He's probably in a pickle as he probably promised these people they'd get a lot of dosh and it seems, frankly, no one's interested.
Well, we're the second people to go and view the house, the others never came back to him with an offer.

So there you have it. One house, on the market for nearly two months, one seller mortally ill and wanting to get rid of it before he pops it. And everyone else's purse is empty at the moment, as they've spent all their hard earned cash on holiday.

Dr Livingstone told the agent he should come back to us with a new price.

I wonder. I always lose at Monopoly. I expect this won't be any different.

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