Le Palais de Justice; humongously beautiful

I was on the train Monday. Next to me two American girls, in their late teens.
We entered Brussels. The Palais de Justice or Justitiepaleis veered into view.

Girl 1: - 'Wow. Look at that building. It's humongous!'
Girl 2:- 'Wow. Yeah. It's beautiful'
Girl 1: - 'What do you suppose it is?'
Girl 2:- 'I dunno. Maybe Congress?'
Girl 1: - 'Maybe the king lives there'
Girl 2:- 'We should ask Anne-Marie. She'll know. She knows everything.'
Girl 1: - 'Nah. She just pretends she knows everything.'

My heart warmed as they expressed admiration at the sheer awesomeness the colossal building by architecte artiste Joseph Poelaert radiated.
And beautiful at that!

I shall have to adjust my take on teenagers.

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