Dr Livingstone found a stove on teh interwebz. We didn't need much concurring on this one and went out to buy it this morning.
It's a Franco-Belge Continental 5. (Alas not a Bentley Continental, but that wouldn't fit in our living room anyway). The thing we have now is actually a coal stove and it involves an enormous amount of skill to burn wood in it and have it disseminate the warmth in the room instead of up the chimney.
Apparantly Franco-Belge is now being manufactured by Godin. That other well known cast iron stove manufacturer. It's made in the same factory.
We haven't installed it yet, we need to make another hole in the wall of the chimney.
More on this new adventure later. I'll just put up a picture I made of it when we had just unloaded it from the car.

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