From dull things comes beauty

I love all the pretty flowers outside. I made a small round up of the ones emanating their lovely intense colours and smells.
We've got skimmia (bottom right) all around our circle patio and climatis (bottomon left) the car port! Still waiting to find out what kind, I'm not very good at determination by leaves or other stuff. Also, the garden is simply teeming with lily of the valley (centre). I do miss the lovely magnolia we had in our old garden. That smelt terrific too.

We've also got some awesome red flowers (top left) and lovely light pink blossoming trees (I hope their fruit, but that would be a bit too much to hope for). There is a tree that is supposed to be a cherry tree. The neighbours told us it was dead. It isn't it is just bothering them I think. I trimmed some dead branches away, I need to get onto the ladder to do it, but that'll be for another season.

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