Gardening schemes (part 3)

We did this about a month or so ago, but due to lack of time I haven't blogged on this part of the garden. We pulled out plants with the car before (read all about in Diggin' in the dirt), but this small adventure kind of got on our nerves. It was car vs plant. Needless to say the plant won. Dr Livingstone put a noose around the thing, hooked it up to the tow and drove off. We only managed to pull off some bark. The rest, annoyingly, stayed in the ground. I did manage to clean some stuff up, but we're far from having accomplished the tabula rasa action.
I trimmed the bush that will sport some pink flowers later this year (yes, I don't know the name of that bush either). The only thing I did was cut away all the dead twigs and the ones growing in the wrong direction. It does look rather unscrupulously done, but it's all for the best.
It looks really neat from the before and after pictures I took.
When term is over and exams are finished I will dig around some more.

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