Plans are missing

I spent all day in the archive yesterday. I was planning on thumbing through some plans of the project I'm currently working on.
I've already waded through some extensively boring administration and letters penned in ink & gruesome 19th century handwriting.
So on to the plans. And I found out they ... weren't there. -_-
Someone had already taken them away to archive heaven. The archivist there yesterday (there's about 5 of them, all working part time or something) didn't know anything about it. So I emailed the archivist archiving the archives I'm working on to see if she could find the plans for me once again.
My paper is due at the end of the month and I'm starting to get a little bit worried now.

Bleh. Today I'm going to visit the little town and the building I've been doing research on.
I'm going to play trick-or-treat. I have to ask the people who live there if I can come in and have a look around.
Wonder how that's going to be.
'Hi there, I'm a student from the x University, currently writing a paper on the architect of your house.
I do not look like a student, as I am already in my thirties. It's ok if you do not trust me to let me in, especially with all the break-ins that have been happening in the area. Yes, I have a camera with me to photograph the building, not to inventorise your belongings to flog them after I've cleaned the place out.'

I wouldn't let me in if I was them.

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