I love the smell of sewage water in the morning

Before Dr Livingstone left to tour he managed to borrow a water pump and pump out all the water that was in a pit in front of the garage. Funny Tragic thing is, the tank has no outlet. Very strange. The water can't sink into the bottom either, as it has a concrete floor. This is puzzling. Luckily it is now nearly empty. It is where the dirty water from the washing machine goes. And possibly even the rainpipes from the car port. But we haven't figured that one out just yet, as it hasn't rained here for weeks. Well, it did very briefly on Friday afternoon, but that barely lasted more than half an hour.
There was also a toilet hooked up to it, but we removed that one. It currently resides in a skip at the container park.
Needles to say the odor coming from the tank was a strange blend of sewage water with a hint of lavender fabric softner.
As I said to Dr Livingstone at quarter to seven in the morning: 'I love the smell of sewage water in the morning'.
We pumped the lot in the adjoining field very early so our nosy neighbours didn't have to inquire in our waste removal activities.
So another job well done! And a big thanks to S. for lending us his pump!

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