Impertinent cat is impertinent

Apart from Mouser this other cat, Bonnie, roams around the garden too. I hadn't seen it in a while, but yesterday afternoon it was back with a vengeance to get some attention.
Making a lot of kitteh noises and jumping on seats which is out of bounds, even to Mouser [Kitteh has been trained not to do that kind of thing].

I had to shake the chair ferociously to get that darn Bonnie to jump off it. I couldn't overturn the cushion because it would hiss and lash out at me with its Super Sharp Claws™. It really clung to the chair. I managed to take a snap of the cat hanging on to the arm rest while I was trying to remove the Garden Panther™.
I also took a shot of Bonnie while kitteh was rather miffed at having been ousted from the sitting implement.

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