Lazy cat is lazy

Not much going on here. Me cramming for the upcoming exams. That's about it.
Getting up, bucket loads of coffee, some things on people long dead, more coffee, sleep.
I'm already lagging behind my study schedule, no thanks to that annoying illness which has lasted up till Monday. My head is starting to clear up, but tissues are still on the table at arm's reach.

Mouser has granted me the privilege to grace me with its presence and hang around within strolling distance. When I'm in the conservatory teh kitteh takes up half of the bench. When it's too hot, Mouser goes and sleeps under one of the shrubberies just outside so it can still see me. Yesterday it did engage in stalking some pigeons and brought me two mice. Saves me giving Velvet Claws dindins I'm not supposed to give.

Anyway, I should be getting back. I need to do a 100 page chapter today. Joy.
I hear yelping at the front door. I expect that'll be another fresh mouse for brekkers.

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Livingstone said...

Well well Mouser is been very lazy in my chair!

When the boss is abroad the mousers take over the imperium isn't it