Four basset hounds and a concrete mixer

Rude awakening this morning around 6 am. Some truck with stuff in it for concrete flooring started up just a couple of meters from our doorstep. At that time I was just in the middle of a dream. I was riding the bus to uni and a lady next to me got up to give room to another lady getting on the bus with four basset hounds. They all jumped up on the seat next to me.
Then I woke up.
I'm guessing what might have happened next. Possible scenarios:
1) Hounds slobber all over me and I'd have to change seats.
2) One of them bites me.
3) One of them comes and sits on my lap and I can't seem to shift it because it is staring at me with that über-sad look.
4) The bus has a head on collision with a concrete truck jumping a red light.

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