Stasi HQ

I firmly believe we have the world's most nosiest neighbour. As soon as even a leaf falls on the driveway, she's out lurking behind some shrubbery or peering out from behind the drapes.
She doesn't know we can see her. Especially when it's dark outside and her livingroom is lit up like a Christmas tree. We can see her staring silhouet.
Dr Livingstone is now even playing with this. When we come home from work or uni, we need to stop in front of the gate to open it. Now he stops just a few meters in front of their house and waits until he sees the curtain shift.
Even when we got up a couple of Sundays ago to watch the F1 (the circuits at the other side of the world have inconvenient tv hours) we got to hear: "You guys were up nice and early today. I saw the woodstove burn."

It's even infected her slow son. When we're out stargazing, we can see him fumbling about in their garden ajoining the chicken shack. He thinks we can't see him, but he carries a small torch with him.


It's like living next to the Stasi headquarters.

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