Polly Filler

No time to waste yesterday (I sound like an 80's Greenpeace slogan). I hurried back home to finish up filling up some holes in the wall. We're redecorating our former bedroom. This will now become an office and those hideous pinkish colours just have to go.
Unfortionatly Dr Livingstone put pollyfilla on some silicone leftovers and I can't fix it. There are bulges as huge as Mount Everest and I can't overlook them now I know they're there.
We put the fugly wardrobe on the internet and two Belgo-Turkish Copts came and dismantled it for us for free. Dr Livingstone heard them speak, he asked in is usual tacktful way: "What kind weird language are you two speaking?". The answer there came 'Hebrew mixed with a local Flemish accent.'
Apparently there is no Hebrew word for 'upper overlay'. You learn something new everyday.

Today is D-Day. The silicone is going around the edges of the ceiling, tiles and door and then the first lick of paint will be put on.
It is going to be an all-white office, with a simple cupboard with sliding glass doors. The same kind we've got in the livingroom.
Hope it'll be finished next week.

For your entertainment I've put up some 'before' and 'after' pictures of the wall where the brownish wardrobe was standing.
And also a picture of the very dubious shades of pink that are currently on the walls and screaming out loud to be covered with a nice and safe colour of pristine white.

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