Room Makeover Day 1

This is Day 1 of Room Makeover part 2. Work has gone very well today. Here are some before and after pictures.

The wooden and stone plinths have been removed, the radiator has been removed, new places for electric sockets have been made. The remnants of shoddy building work from previous owners has been laid bare. The walls with isolation have been put into place.
Quite enough for one day!

What a difference already. The room is a little smaller due to the thickness of isolation, but when the white coats of paint will be on, it will look very different.
But, hopefully next week, it will be goodbye to that hideous decoration of the walls.

I don't know what kind of house-hobby-idea rock that pattern crawled underneath from, but it will be cast into oblivion very soon! It's some kind of horrific 90's sponge technique. Yes, it is that horrible shade of orange, there is nothing wrong with your computer monitor.

Mouser steered well clear of all the noise by hiding under couches today. But at the end of the day Kitteh surveyed the building site as a genuine feline health and safety inspector (minus hard had, hi-vis jacket and steel-nosed boots). That curious cat did manage to walk out of the room with dusty paws. Have to be on the look out when the painting starts. One little accident and we could have trouble with Pépé Le Pew.

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