Room Makeover Day 3 & 4

Second round of sanding down and plastering the seems, and then for my Magnum Opus...


the spray painting of the radiator.

Two cans was all I bought due to tight budgetting. The main trick to doing this the right way is spraying on little layers. Not too heavy ones, they might form those 'tears' and we want a slick, clean and smart looking item.
Dr Livingstone and I had to move it away from the wall.
First up I sanded down the radiator with a medium sanding paper. Then I washed it down to get rid of all the paint and chalk. And then le moment sûprème.

It has been quite some years since I wielded a spray can for decorative purposes. After the first can was empty I went and had a drink, a cuddle and a breath of fresh air.
I didn't do the back of the thing, it is pretty useless since it is facing the wall and no-one will ever cast a sideways glance at it.

So from a very dull, dark brown, I now have a pristine white one. It says on the paint can it is white-white. But it looks a bit of a creme colour.
Anyway, I'm quite pleased with the result so far. It just needs to dry now and then reconnected once the wall paper and paint have been slapped on the wall. \o/

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