All done!

The room makeover has been completed. The radiator and borders are in place, Dr Livingstone has fitted all the electric sockets and switches.
Even the curtain rod has been installed. Unfortunately it had to be screwed to the wall some 7 cms higher. I say unfortionatly because the curtain was also 7 cms shorter and they were made to measure.
But then Dr Livingstone had the exceedingly brilliant idea of fixing the curtains to the rods with a novel system. Watch out IKEA, it will be patented!
He fitted small chains in between the gliders inside the rod and the hooks on the curtains. 4 links, that's all it took.

So here we are now, the definite 'before' and 'after' pictures.

It seems a shame to have to fill it with furniture now.
We won't be able to sleep in it until that nasty paint smell from the radiator has completely vanished.

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