Andrea Storm

Mouser hasn't been out since the storm reached our shores and has been pummeling us with buckets of water and gusts of wind. Velvet Claws™ snuggled up to us last night, feeling quite safe having wedged itself in between Dr Livingstone and myself.
I opened up the curtain of the front room, there is Maximum Kitteh Surveillance™ (MKS) going on right now. Mouser is quite unsettled by this extreme weather.

I think all the mouse hiding holes must have flooded by now. I don't think soggy, drowed mice are really appetizing. Neither does Mouser, come to think of it.
We got tiny puddles of water in the conservatory, we need to seal up some spots that seem to have a pin prick of space so rain can seep through. But nothing like a proper flood or something.
The sanded riding area is a bit soggy at the moment. I think it has turned into quicksand right now.
Ah well, another day of cramming ahead, what better way to be inside and warm.

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