Cats & Architecture

What is up with cats and architecture?
I've been cramming for my architectural theory exam and have been looking at quite a few snaps of houses.
Here's a few samples of the things I came across:

(C)At Le Corbusier's Villa Savoie:

(C)At Eisenmann's House III

(C)At Desmet & Vermeulen's House in Wetteren

(C)At the architect Marie Josée Van Hee's house.

Notice the cats subtly stalking the photographer from the roof:

In the kitchen:

In the garden:

Do cats smell good architecture when they prounce about?
Notice I did not post a single snap of a Stéphane Beel design.
That's because it is bad architecture. Cats avoid living in a Beel house. It is to boring, bland and minimalist. I think cats actually appreciate a nice promenade architecturale; which is obviously lacking in Beel's work.

Special hommage was paid to Le Corbusier for making kitteh-friendly architecture.

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Paulina lata said...

Nice insight :)
love cats.