If the mountain won't come to Mouser

Mouser has been eying the birds fluttering about for a couple of days now. I put up some a bird feeder with seed and some balls with fat and nuts and strung them up all over the place.
I'm trying to get Mouser to eat the Speshul Kitteh Noms™ for some time now, but Velvet Claws has other plans. Yesterday was the final straw and it decided to go out and fetch its own food.
I was near the window studying for my Architectural History exam when I saw kitteh climb into a pine shrubbery and perch on one of the branches, right next to one of the balls.
Needless to say not one bird was going to fall for that one.
Finally Mouser decided it'd had enough after half an hour and came indoors to sleep away the hunger on my lap.

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