A Mouser Photo-Essay

8.30 am: Good Morning! Time to wake up?

10.20 am: Finally able to sleep on Mrs B's lap.

10.45 am: Lovely stretch, finally found comfy position to sleep in.

11.10 am: Mrs B had to put some wood on the stove and Mouser had to shift.

11.45 am: Trying out different sleeping position.

12.30 am: Still in semi-comatose condition.

02.00 pm: What's this? I spy lunch!

02.20 pm: What's for desert Mrs B?

03.00 pm: Afternoon nap.

03.12 pm: Deep sleeping.

03.15 pm: Afternoon grooming session.

04.00 pm: Afternoon sleeping session resumed in different location.

05.00 pm: 2nd Afternoon sleeping still in session

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