New Blogger Interface. What happened?

logo blogger Pictures, Images and PhotosI just logged on to Blogger. They changed the whole interface layout of, well, everything I was finally comfortable with. It was very neat and tidy, no superfluous things getting on my nerves. Great way to chuck everything out of the window and put me off blogging for now. I'm not getting the hang of this new interface. It's very white and empty and filled up with crappy news feeds and stuff I don't want and the things I do want take me ages to find. And no, I haven't tried looking for the options where I can disable them or click the magic "change back to the Old Interface"-button. I didn't switch to the new layout thing a whole while back, but this is going to need plenty of time adjusting to it. I just google around and found out I'm not the only one not liking it. Reactions range from: "The new blogger interface sucks a lot", "it has proven a real nightmare" to "New Blogger interface: Aargh!"

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