A garden is for eating

Some vegetables we put in two weeks ago are doing all they can, seeds are bringing forth some shy buds and looking promising so far. We've been spared insect plagues up till now, so let's hope we'll be the only ones in near future to enjoy the greenery.

One big patch was transformed from being covered in weeds to an Eden like patch. Put down in nice little rows are four different kinds of salad, fennel, broccoli and sprouts.

Dr Livingstone planted some beans and we put some stalks in place for them to grow on. Also in are courgettes and pumpkins!

Raddish, red beetroot and some potatoes are doing well.

All plants which will indulge us with different kind of berries are also growing at a rapid pace (we have now spoilt them with some mushroom manure). I also put two plants of the same grape variety in (Boskoop glory), they're still waiting for warmer days I guess.

I'm also chuffed with my herbs, they're doing very well.

It's a bit tricky now to get to them, I need to take a detour around half of the garden to get to them because we can't walk on the patch because of the grass seeds. But so far I'm able to have my daily, fresh mint tea cuppa.

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