Border line

The guys came and put the borders in we had asked them to (a very long while ago). Things are slowly taking shape. We're chuffed to bits and went to look at them several times after they had been put there.
This is finally starting to look like a proper garden for relaxing and enjoying when the weather is ok.
We got word from the lawn guy, he's going to start sowing in two weeks time and the crane guy started again on Wednesday with the clearing of the excess ground at the rear of our patch of land. Stupid rain delayed the works by a forthnight!

But slowly, very slowly, things are looking up and we are seeing the light at the end of the gardening tunnel.
If the big works are over; we can finally sit back and enjoy a game of petanque amid a fair few flowers and buzzing insects.

And holding some kind of cocktail, Ricard or other kind of alcoholic beverage.
And sitting in one of the nice comfy wicker garden sets we ordered and should arrive at the end of this month.
But first... exams!

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