Gardening breaks

In between studying I've been taking a break doing a bit of gardening. My mushroom has made it to the front yard! It's there! It looks rather inconspicuous at the moment, the peony dwarfing it at the moment.
It'll really stand out in winter when there's nothing about.
Also some pretty plants I had bought earlier finally went in. They were craving for water the last couple of days, I was trying my best to keep them happy and alive, but the best place for them is where they are currently residing. Three lavender augustifolia, six sedums, four dianthus and six salvia officinalis. I looked it up, the herb is good for just about anything, bar cleaning your windows I think.
I got it because on the label it said it blooms between June and October. But teh intertubes tell me it's just in June and July. I thought it would add a little colour when everything else is starting to fade.
All plants I put in love a bit of dry, well drained soil. Which is excellent because there is still a lot of rubble in the ground there because the old path leading to the front door was there. When tilling the soil I even dug up an entire brick! And we've been over that spot like a thousand times by now.
Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing it all start to grow, covering the ground and attracting lots of things with wings.

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