More jobs completed

All this happened last week, but I'm saving some stuff and spreading it out over a couple of entries. We had the gate and the enclosure from the coral pulled out so we can start afresh. We're re-using the gate (after it's had a good clean and paint job). We also had to make sure the next time we put the posts in they don't suffer from water eroding the wood. As long as they're in the ground and wet it doesn't matter. But the rain from the roof where we keep the wheel barrow and some other stuff just fell near the post and it had rotted away.
I had the idea to put a gutter there and then collect the water so we can use it to water plants and such.
We still had some pieces left over from when we made the flower pots out front.
And there was a discount on a water butt so we got one in. It's got a flexi hose attached to it, you can see how much water is in there plus it works very easily thanks to the principle of communicating vessels. Just unhook it, lower it and you can fill up whatever you want. We still need to hose the wall down with the high pressure cleaner and then treat it.

Dr Livingstone really put his back into it (literally) and also cleaned out the little shelter. It was still full of leaves and stuff from last winter.

No really. His back is very bad at the moment. He's been seeing doctors, physiotherapists and taking ice pack remedies. Too much work in the garden! His hands are itching and he just can't sit still for one bit.
I'm sensing he's enjoying this gardening stuff. Especially since some of the veggies are ready to eat this coming weekend! yes, we're going to give the salad a try. All homegrown, no herbicides, pesticides or what have you. Just water and sun.

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