Florence Mousergale

Well, it took till eleven o'clock before Mouser stirred out of the sedation. Vomit. Glaze-eyed. Kitteh tried to get up, I put it on all fours.
Stagger, sway, teeter, totter, stumble, wobble. Just up to the kitchen door. There it keeled over gently and slept again. I pulled up a chair so I could watch over the sleepy animal.
After twenty minutes it got up again and wanted to jump on the window sill to get out. I helped. Fell asleep again right there.
More of the Florence Nightingale route, I got a good deal on in the Athelstan mystery I'm reading.
Then Mouser decided to wobble about some more, strolled round the living room, wanted to exit through one of the tall windows. The strut got more steady as kitteh moved about, but I got a look from it as though it said; "Please stop all the furniture from moving and swirling around".
It was trying to make one thing clear: It wanted some fresh air.
So I decided to let Mouser out for a stroll and supervise it from a distance. It wouldn't be going very fast, it was walking about like a drunken man trying to walk on a straight line.
It came with me down the drive and then did a 180º turn and headed out for the road. No cars about, it was well past midnight by now. It stopped at the side of the road and miaowed for the first time as if asking; 'Is it ok to cross the road?'
So I let her. A tractor was making noise working in a field somewhere, I think they're turning mown grass or cutting off wheat somewhere. It induced kitteh to try and run, but kindof stumbled. Then it sat down and relieved itself, letting out a second yelp as if to point out what a good cat it was.
Then I heard a car approach, picked Mouser up and went back indoors.
Far too groggy still to leave out on its own. It was nearly one o'clock and Velvet Claws™ decided to come and sit with me in the couch. A bit unlucky as I have taken off all the covers to take to the dry cleaners and they won't be ready 'till tomorrow afternoon.
But Mouser wanted a spot on my lap and purred gratefully. Then my arm went numb and I wanted to get to bed.
I left the little black hipster on some pillows. It joined me later on upstairs, the pain in her leg had gone. Hurrah!
This morning kitteh was all talkative and back to normal again.
I'm nackered because of the worry from yesterday.
This nursing thing is not for me. But I'm really glad the drugs have worked and I didn't let it saunter off on its own the first time. Mouser's a good cat, it deserves a healthy, cheeky life. I love it to bits.

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