Take Me Back To Dear Old Blighty

I'm off today. Meeting Dr Livingstone in London.
Travelling by Eurostar, I so hate flying. First thing I'll do when I reach St Pancras is go to Sir John Betjeman's statue. I always do. Must put some pictures up from last year.
On the other hand, every time I am travelling internationally by train a terrorist attack happens somewhere.
Let's see now:
On the 11th of March 2004 I was on the TGV heading for Nice. Madrid suffered train bombings.
On the 7th of July 2005 I was on the Eurostar heading for Waterloo station. London suffered train bombings.
Oh noes! It's a curse. Something's dreadfull it going to happen today!
Now lets add a little bit of scepticism to that shall we?
The last three years I've travellled nowhere by train and there have been train bombings in Mumbai (2006), Novgorod (2007) and Balochistan (2008).
Nope. No pattern there.
See how easy it is to debunk these silly coincidences?

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