The World According to me - Year 2

This is a bit of a belated post, but here goes: Year two of Mrs B's never ending ramblings. Chuck Norris cake all round!
What has happened on the blog this past year? A quick round up:

-Meh, still no visitors from Antarctica.
Not even now we have our own non-emission polar base.
Looks like I was wrong, no sex crazed scientists on the cold continent looking for a little heat on teh intertubes.

-I saw a lot of traffic about the omega pharma e-waves phone chip scam. It looks like they're trying to find a market for the scam in the rest of Europe. Some people want to find out what these non existent quantum physical information waves are really about.

-Folks want someone to explain post modernism to them, it's a jumbled up handfull at best, I might do a thorough post about this during the summer.

-Cats having thermometers inserted in them is also a very popular search term. Thanks to the Thermometer goes where lolcat.

-Hacking facebook or apps are a popular pasttime too it appears.

-I expect the fashion police had a very busy winter. There was infinite interest in moonboots, how to clean them and which side goes on what foot.

-The LHC particle adventure scored too. Yay for science!

-My blog entry on Colour changing spiders is the most popular one.

Some strangely disturbing search terms found their way to my little ramblings:

-italian +cheese+worms+health risk+once eaten+name+type of worm
Mrs B: I suspect someone had some lovely cheese and crackers and then took a good look at the food and realized it had probably passed its sell by date by a couple of years. And then was worried if there were any health risks involved.

-license to crennelate
Mrs B: Someone looking over the law before they submit their over the top planning permission?

-balls-up maritime expression
Mrs B: Some creative writer/journalist wanting some novel description of the Iran/UK sailor incident?

-do weasel balls float?
Mrs B: I don't know and I'm not going to try.

-hamster lost circulation
Mrs B: I hope you have fixed its wheel by now or taken the rodent to see a vet.

-it will all make sense in the end
Mrs B: Will it really? How very comforting to know someone is reading all the bullcrap I'm typing up. There's hope for mankind yet.

-And a heartwarming: 'The enchanted world of Mrs B'
Mrs B: How very sweet.

-And of course I did get a lot of traffic for people looking for porn. Because that's just what the web is for, right? Sorry to disappoint some of you, but my entry on 'Hooters' really was about owls.

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