Mouser's hip to be square

Mouser had been limping for two days in a row now, at times it seemed to get better. This morning I wanted to go to the vet, but kitteh was nowhere to be found.
This afternoon it resurfaced, I bundled Velvet Claws™ into the cat carrier and off we went.
Yelping and whaling from here to eternity in the car.
A busy waiting room: a very nervous Golden Retriever, a very shy black cat and Mouser. After me two more cats and a Jack Russel. Luckily the Golden dog got to see the doctor before the two dogs had a go at each other.
It was very warm, Mouser still resorting to special pleading and unsettling the cat in the carrier next to mine.
Finally the nice doctor took a look at kitteh. She's very fond of black cats. Mouser went very quit when the lid opened up. She took it out. '...What nice shimmering fur! Hello teeny weeny pussy cat! You look in a lot of pain...Hmm...Paw not swollen. Let's take its temperature.'
Mouser didn't like the sound of that, nor the insertion of the thermometer straight after that.
'...Not running a temperature...If you want to I can taken an x-ray to see if puss's broken something. The pelvis or a bone might be broken.'
Sure, no problem, anything to get a correct diagnosis and help out poor kitteh.
'I'll have to sedate her. Cats do not tend to lie still for x-rays. The dog that was just in here had to have an x-ray too, it had a broken paw.'
So Mouser got the good drug to make her go count some sheep (or I guess cats might count something else?), and went all limp after a while. It looks really scary, the eyes are still open but cat is fast asleep.
The vet put some drops in to make sure they didn't dry up.
'Is this the first time you've had an x-ray taken of your pet?' Why yes it is strange but nice lady.
We put kitteh on the xray table and ZAP! the machine sent some hight energy electromagnetic waves through Velvet Claws™.
'The right hip was dislocated, but it popped back of its own accord. That's why Mouser is in such terrible pain. The rest is ok, nothing was damaged. Probably jumped off something or hit by a car. It'll be as right as rain. I'll give something for the pain and against a possible infection. Kitteh will be asleep for another two hours.'
And Mouser still is while I'm typing this up. I haven't moved kitteh from the cat carrier. It's on the floor with the lid open.
I can here deep, heavy snoring. I'm glad it's ok and nothing is broken. I wonder how groggy kitteh will emerge from its lethargic sleep.

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