Let me just post this again shall I?

And there is also a Facebook group that numbered about 25,250+ members this morning.
According to Christophe Deborsu only Queen Fabiola has done better.
Pronounced dead three times, and raised from the dead three times.

Leterme couldn't cut it after his prime ministerial stints. But as a foreign affairs minister he hasn't done any better. He even missed his appointment when on a trade mission in Saudi Arabia last October, being late for a Sunday morning meeting with prince Saud al Thenayan.
Riyadh doesn't switch to DST as any fule no.
Anyway, I hope they got a good deal on the oil prices. And the Walloons got some lucrative weapon deals.
I'm sure the 250+ delegation wasn't there to promote Belgian chocolates.
He was also late for a Saturday luncheon. Oh, and on the way back Leterminateur missed his rescheduled plane because he'd dozed off somewhere.

*Double Picard Facepalm (because when the fail is so strong, one does not suffice)

What kind of a moronic country do I actually live in?

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