Validate one scam with another

For once kudos to the Standaard for at least reporting about the story of the Serbian placenta scammer, the one I blogged about 10 days ago.
BUT then again, I have to shake my head at the headline and shake my fist at Bernard Spitz.

He says: ''Het therapeutische effect zal ook beperkt zijn. Ik betwist niet dat er een helende werking kan uitgaan van moederkoekzalf, maar het zal eerder iets in de ordegrootte van homeopathie zijn.''

Did he just validate one scam with another?

I can read this in two ways:
1) He states the placenta cream works, just like homeopathy does.
2) He was being sarcastic.

Although I am inclined to think he might be pulling a number one on us.

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