If it sounds like nonsense...

If it sounds like nonsense... it probably is.

Arsenal striker Van Persie is travelling to Serbia to meet up with a quack doctor. According to the footballer: "She is vague about her methods but I know she massages you using fluid from a placenta. I am going to try. It cannot hurt and, if it helps, it helps. I have been in contact with Arsenal physiotherapists and they have let me do it."

In the Telegraph it said: Arsenal physiotherapist Colin Lewin has decided that the massage therapy treatment in Serbia cannot cause further damage although there is scepticism as to whether it will speed up Van Persie's recovery. But even if it provides only a psychological fillip to the player, it will be of some help.

It was on Dutch television. The reporter actually said it sounded like nonsense, and the footballer agreed but then defended it.

* Triple Picard Facepalm

By the way: the Daily Mail's headline is just so full of win: Desperate housewife treatment: Arsenal striker Robin van Persie off to Serbia to have placenta rubbed on damaged ankle

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