Votez Elio!

Het Laatste Nieuws had a poll on its website yesterday and this morning (click the image to enlarge).
The poll on the left was the result around half past ten yesterday evening. The poll on the right hand was the situation this morning around nine. It has now been removed from the front page.

Where did that di Rupo clown all of a sudden spring from? It was bad enough Leterme didn't even know the anthem of the country he was prime minister of, but du Repos Elio! hasn't even mastered all the languages of the country he lives in. I can only hope the Laatste Nieuws readers gave the poll the middle finger vote.
Or maybe PS headquarters sent an email to everyone urging 'Votez Elio!'.

But I'd like to put it in di Rupo's own words: 'J'en ai marre des parvenus'.

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