Diggin' in the dirt

Well, not really digging. More like ... pulling out stuff with a car. Much easier, faster & better on the back and elbows.
Yes, I'm a lazy gardener.
Dr Livingstone pulled out some stumps with long roots I'd previously shorn all branches off. They annoyed me beyond anything while I was studying. Every time I looked up from my books I was confronted with the ugly bushes. They just had to go.
So today the car was deployed and tore the suckers out. It went very smoothly. Middle Teen™ keeping an eye on things from the boot.
Then she found some may bug larvae and I had to re-bury them. Didn't know they take about 3-4 years to make the transition from egg to bug. These were about 5 cm long.
I still need to take a picture of the -somewhat- finished feature. I'm re-using some vase/jug ornaments left in the garden by the previous owners. I'm going to sow some rock plant seeds. They do really well without having to put too much effort into growing them. (Suites me down to the ground). I like nice and colourful flower carpets.
The packaging says can't sow it untill March. So I'll post some pictures next month.

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