Garden Clean-up

I'm in pruning mode right now. I'm freeing up time I should be spending on writing a dissertation to prune some stuff in the front yard so it can bloom and blossom. Spring is in the air, the trees are carrying buds, my hazel tree has there little pinkish furry bits sticking out. I need to cut everything away before the saps start streaming through the twigs again.
I've done a considerable bit already. I hope nothing gets damaged in the proces. I'm an intuïtive gardner. Which means I don't have a clue when and how much I should be pruning, but if it doesn't look neat it has to go!

Youngest Teen™ has graced us with a visit this weekend. This is her second visit here since we've moved. Dr Livingstone was giving her a tour of the grounds. They came by when I was snipping away. I heard him say: 'And here's someone who does our gardening.'
Tee Hee.
'Why are you pruning everything by hand?' Dr Livingstone asked. 'I'd use a chainsaw and cut it off just above the ground.'
Hmmm. This is coming from a man who wants to grow vegetables and fruit.
Luckily we do not own a chainsaw!

Insects are alive and kicking. A lot of bumble bees flying about. And loads of ladybirds. The native species kind.
Birds are making an awful ruchas.
And when Dr Livingstone came home on Thursday, he ran over a frog in the carport. He noticed it too late to avoid.
Poor bugger. Having gone through all the trouble of surviving a strange winter, Kermit ends up under the wheel of a Mini. What a way to go.

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