Cat & Mouse & Human game

It's been very bad weather out. Still is. Mouser was out. I heard it calling at the window to get in. So I opened up. It jumped in. Mouser probably thought it could bring its little new found friend inside out from the storm. So there you go. We've been chasing this mouse for over four hours now. I've had to sit down once in a while, my oxigen level isn't up to standard yet. The cheeky field mouse is just too fast for me to catch. It's started taunting me and went and did a nutmeg when under siege from Mouser. The bleedin' cat can't find it from time to time. I have to use a laser pointer and some whistling to direct it to its prey. But I don't think Mouser is trying very hard. I've seen it pounce on mice outdoors and it got it every time only by pouncing once. I'n turning in for the night. I'm closing the living room doors so neither can get out.
I expect to see some results on my desk in the morning Mouser!

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