Got him!

We've caught the little bugger and set it free in the garden (see picture: Taken when I just set it down on the grass). Poxy rodents. Apodemus sylvaticus or the long tailed field mouse as it is commonly know. I let Mouser into the living room this morning and -as cats do- started to look for the bloody thing. Nothing found. So I did a bit of studying and Mouser came and joined me on my lap. I heard some creaking noises from the printer (I thought our 'guest' had crawled into the paper tray. No such luck. Then a couple of hours later after Mouser had finished a beauty sleep it set off on patrol again. Mousecatcher made some noise telling me it had found the cheeky thing. And lo and behold! It had clambered up some wires and hid under an other printer. The little rascal was all worn out. It had peed and pooped right there. I gather it has eaten a printer chip that was just lying there and has gotten a case of the indigestion. Not the only one having trouble stomaching these outrages prices being charged for original printer cartridges. Anyway, I secured the mouse under a plastic container (Tupperware rules!), slid a hard cover under it and released it back into the garden. It didn't want to move a lot. It does still blink its big black eyes and turn its cute little ears. So I tried to make it scuttle towards some leaf covering. It did just that. I'm glad it's out of the house. Who knows what disgusting diseases and fleas it has brought with it. Mouser is settling down again. We're starting on Jacques Daret in a moment.

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