Art Figurines

A slight return to Bosch and Bruegel: I own two figurines modelled on grotesque characters featured on well known works made by the Masters.

The DEVIL ON NIGHT-CHAIR figurine. It is a very delicate thing. It's about 6 cm tall but very brittle. I put it just in front of some Bosch related books on the shelf. Had to move it up a notch because I was afraid Mouser would try and get at it.
During Bosch's lifetime scenes from hell were very popular and every man would be well acquainted with visions of hell. To remind everyone of the impending doom patrons ordered visions of hell for altar pieces. These triptychs or polytychs would remain closed throughout the year and only be opened on liturgical feastdays. The shock of the horrifying images and the countrebalance of Paradise could have been a simple method to keep the rabble in check. Saint Gregory and Dante are prime examples of Dialogs on visions of journeys through hell. Bosch must have been familiar with the Divina Commedia and la Visio Tungdali e i Dialoghi and them and given him inspiration galore. This devil, crowned with a cauldron, symbolises the diabolical inferno fire. He is sat on a night chair, in the process of excreting tormented souls. His pitcher shaped footwear symbolises dipsomania. The devil is featured on the triptych The Garden of Earthly Delights
on the right panel.

A second figurine is the Fallen Angel with Clarion. The trumpet wielding former angel tries a last post on the instrument while turning into a hellish creature. The transition is not yet complete. It has some insect/bird/fish-like features. It can be found on The Fall of the Rebellious Angels at the bottom right.
Popular figurines can be bought in most museum shops or check out Parastone workshop's Mouseion collection online.

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