And I thought Ireland was bad...

Okay, so I blogged about the turkey going to Eurosong. I should have shut my big dopey assed mouth, shouldn't I. This is Belgium's entry for the Songcontest:

You can call me Alistair any day, but I know a great song when I hear one. That Alice in Wonderland act is not doing anything for me. I suspect we'll end up last yet again. Even the turkey has a better chance. At least you can stuff it once it's passed it sell by date.

We'll go down in history yet again as that boring little country the whole world makes fun of... Everyone remembers the Belgian dip from Austin Powers...

Hey guys, guess what, we've got frikkin' soul!
We could have had a winner on our hands with this massive song instead:

I'm gonna sit quietly in a corner somewhere and cry now.

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