Flag this

Today Belgium celebrates its version of Independance Day.
A patriotist nature is not inherently ingrained in Belgian genes. I don't think anyone can sing the country's anthem in at least one official language, let alone know all the words to the tune. The majority might just be able to hum it.

Flags only appear in the street here for very special reasons:
-the national team qualified for some football tournament
-a Belgian player has reached finals of some tennis tournament
-an athlete has reached the finals of some Golden League tournament
-flags need to be aired once in a while

I don't own a Belgian tricolore.
I do however own a pirate flag. It is now up our balcony and is visible from the street. It's there for some very special reasons:
I want to get people to start thinking about the sense or reason for putting up a flag on a special day.
And I want to protest against the way this country is being run by those bumbling nincompoops that make the country I live in the biggest enigma in Europe since the Rubic's cube first hit the shelves.


shrink said...

tatatataaaah ta tata tata tataa tetetah. that's the way it goes! nice belgian weather today. haven't seen your flag (only lots of flemish-lion-flags)...

Mrs B said...

Welcome back!

Nick De Roeck said...

Nice idea. However I suspect some nationalistic zealots in Flanders will have interpreted this as a nod to the great anti-Belgium cause, I guess.