I thought I'd just drop in

I heard a dull thud, looked around, saw nothing. Then I looked up. There is was. A little bat. Probably fast asleep up in the roof and probably relaxed a bit too much and let go of whatever it was hanging on to. Fell out of its bed so to speak. I got the old camera out. It lay quite still. Probably a bit dazed and confused, just like me in the mornings.
Then it, very gently, started to move about. Poor thing started to slide off the little roof above our kitchen door. It's made of plastic so no grip whatsoever for a bat just dropping in. I ran down to the garage to fetch some gloves in case it would teeter over the edge. I had read there is a chance they carry rabies so a thick glove was in order. It stopped short of the edge and had turned round. So I got the camera out and got a pretty picture of the little rascal. It was trembling (with fear?). It started moving again so I got the gloves on the ready too. But then it folded its wings open and....poof....it took off, did a couple of swerves round the garden and then disappeared.

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