The Lawnmower Man

My lawnmower has left me in the lurch again. I just got it back from some local tractor dealer who also dabbles in repairs. I did manage to do some mowing, but then the traction failed again. And something smelled burnt this time. The teeth on the wheel axis are f*cked (inside the traction box). They'd never even opened it! (And mind you, there were a couple of the same machines waiting for repairs. And then they'd just blame it on being a cheap mower. Geddit?).
So 'to dabble' actually means nothing more than an amateurish attempt at fixing it. 18€ down the drain. All he'll ever get from me in the near future is some bad mouth to mouth advertising. And news (read: gossip) travels quite fast around close knit farming communities like this one. Luckily Dr Livingstone has emerged from the jungle that is called touring and has taken a look at it.

So all you'll ever need to fix a lawnmower is (in exact order as listed below):
-a hammer
-Dr Livingstone
-a trappist tripel (preferred brand: Westmalle)

We still are missing something I left off the list:
-spare parts

So result after ½ weekend: no mower, bank holiday monday, rain, high grass and a tipsy Livingstone.
I think I'll nip back next door and ask Mr Moleslayer™ if I can borrow his machine again...

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