Hooters in the garden

Dr Livingstone spotted an owl perched on a tree in the neighbouring field a couple of evenings ago with his sharp little eyes (yes- that is a James Bond reference).
I saw it again around the same time last night. It's a Strix aluco or the Eurasian Tawny Owl.
I decided to brush up on my owls.
A resource I very much recommend are the owlpages.com.
It has a lot of very clear info, pictures and sounds too.
When the Dr tries to imitate its typical standard wow-wow-hooo hoot I always burst out in laughter. It think it actually scares them away more than the flying mousers pay any attention to it.
I suspect it sounds to the owls like what it sounds like to us: a Dutchman speaking English. You can always tell he's Dutch because of his outrageous accent.
About the piercing coo-wik sound Dr Livingstone is mistaken. What he thinks is the sound made by a juvenile calling out is actually a cry for expressing aggression. (But then again he might not be too far off: Sometimes these two things are not very far apart. Hooded, bored, juvenile delinquent teenagers are on the rampage again since school is out for summer).

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