The Sting

I was trimming the hedges with my landlord the other day and he got stung by a wasp (He was wearing a ridiculous pair of shorts at the time, so he kind of deserved it). They were coming out of the ground, we probably disturbed them when their entrance to their nest was covered with leaves (yes, it is in the ground). So he went out to buy some stuff to get rid of them.
Today we found another nest, a behemoth one by the look of the entrance. I think it is about a fist wide.
I called a PhD student from the University of Leuven to come and take a look. He's looking for some nests for his research. His thesis title is: "The maintenance of complex social behaviour: an integrated study for conflict-reducing mechanisms in wasps". That doesn't sound bad, I just don't have a clue what it's about but I hope he can help us get rid of these two colonies. He wasn't in so I left a message on his answering machine, I hope he calls me back today, I'm curious to find out how this will pan out. And the landlord is eager to get shod of them.

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