Identity Crises

My facebook profile is having an identity crises. It’s not sure if I’m a man or a woman.
In the profile there is a drop down box that says ‘select sex’. I can only choose ‘male’ or ‘female’, not ‘yes please’.

So what could be confusing about my Mini-Feed?
“Please choose how we should refer to you”

I would prefer ‘Your Highness’ but that is just never going to happen.

Facebook is simple and easy when it comes to personal details:
‘Single’, ‘in a relationship’, ‘engaged’, ‘married’, ‘in an open relationship’ or ‘it’s complicated’ (which actually means that’s none of your sodding business).

That is a for cry from the complicated 29 options you can tick on the yearly tax form. As lesser evils go, filling in the tax form is not made any easier by the plethora of personal details the tax collectors are asking you for. Every option corresponds to a very specific financial situation. Even if you’re dead, you still have to fill in the tax form.
But alas, there is no ‘it’s complicated’ box to tick.

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