Adventures in Cat Sitting. Day 4.

The little dears were all ready and waiting for me around 8.30 this morning.
It seems they do want to come into the house. I have a key to the back door to get at the noms and dishes, but it is getting kind of difficult to open and close the kitchen door without a cat sneaking in. And I don't want to be chasing a naughty lolcat round a stranger's house. Would feel pretty awkward.
And I'd probably knock something out of place, break a priceless vase or set the house on fire while groping for a kitteh playing hard to get. I can picture myself in one of those Inspector Clouseau-like scenes.
Yep. Bumbling about. That's me.

I do have to confess I took the Saturday news paper supplement with me.
I'll put it back where I found it when I've finished.

Well, it's not like their using it right now.

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