Adventures in cat sitting. Day 1.

The Bartman and Shanghai Lily are on vacation and they've asked, just before leaving for the Mont Ventoux, if I could feed their cats.
Things have changed around here since I first posted about Mouser's moonlighting. Kitteh is no longer welcome there. The Bartman has taken two kittens in from his daughter. Now one of them has mothered two more lolcats. They are 5 weeks old.
Very heartwarming.
The Bartman knows he shouldn't ask Mr Useless Farmer™ to look after his kittehs, as he is frankly -er- useless.
So Mrs B is cat sitting for the next 10 or so days.

One of the adult cats is called PéPé (I'm sure that must mean something in Chinese), I don't recall what the other one is called. I just call it TomTom.

So I just went up to feed them for the first time today. They didn't seem very hungry. It is incredibly warm again today. The kittens seem to be enjoying themselves. They are exceedingly sweet and fluffy and adorable and much more sugar-coated adjectives.

Tomorrow morning I'll bring my camera when I give them a feeding.

For now you'll have to get by with a few snaps I made with my phone.

Btw: the who kittehs haven't been named yet.
All suggestions welcome.

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